Compensation You Can Claim After a Car Crash

You must carry at least a minimum liability car insurance to drive in East Tennessee legally. Besides the minimum insurance, investing in more coverage is a good idea to ensure you are not underinsured. This is more since Tennessee is an at-fault state. It means the at-fault driver is on the hook for all the damages caused, whether it is over and above the insurance coverage limit. 

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For those involved in car accidents caused by the negligence of another party, it also means you have a lot to claim to capture maximum compensation. However, this is only possible if you know your way around the car crash laws. It is advised that you consult an East Tennessee car wreck lawyer, even if it is to simply understand how strong your claim is, before progressing. Hiring a lawyer can help you hold all the parties involved responsible, claim the maximum settlement amount, and secure the best possible compensation. Here is a look at the common compensations you could be entitled to in an auto accident.

Medical expenses

Your health is critical, which is why you must seek professional attention after a car accident, even without apparent injuries or if you feel fine. A thorough medical examination ensures that you don’t overlook an injury, including those that take time to manifest like a concussion yet they pose significant health problems. Healthcare expenses can dig deeper into your pockets, but the at-fault driver will be held responsible for all medical costs. This includes all accident-related examinations, ambulance services when needed, prescription medication, physical therapy, and ongoing rehabilitation.

You have no excuse to avoid professional medical care after a car crash, given that the at-fault party will cover the expenses. Moreover, it is critical to ensure your claim has solid grounds as you strive to secure a better settlement. The care means you’ll have medical records to support your claim and showcase just how serious the injuries incurred are and their impact on your immediate and future situation, which increases your chances of securing a maximum settlement.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering aren’t easily quantifiable, which is why they are often overlooked when making a settlement claim. This is among the main reasons you should enlist an experienced East Tennessee car accident lawyer as you pursue compensation. Their expertise comes in handy as you look to fairly quantify the value of your pain and suffering caused by the accident. This includes physical pain and suffering, such as loss of life enjoyment and companionship pleasure with your partner.

Arguing the impact of pain and suffering requires an objective approach, which you are unlikely to manage, given the emotional attachment. The lawyer is best suited for such aspects. 

While no compensation can restore or eliminate the suffering, the maximum settlement will help you lead a better life than when you receive a low and unfair amount. Moreover, East Tennessee has a limit for non-economic damage and injuries. This limit can increase if you prove you experienced catastrophic loss or injury. Your car wreck lawyer will help ensure that you secure maximum compensation accounting for the limits and the nature of injury or loss suffered.

Lost income and opportunities

Lost wages mean your financial situation takes a blow, which you should be compensated for by the at-fault party. This is another reason you need medical attention since it helps prove that you couldn’t work due to the injuries sustained. You may lose significant income if the injuries incapacitate you, forcing you to miss work for months. If you don’t secure maximum compensation, such lost income could turn your life inside out to the extent of being unable to finance your basic needs like food and shelter.

Besides the income, you could also lose opportunities for employment if you were on the job hunt. This needs to be proven, such as details of the scheduled interviews and how the accident forced you to miss the appointment and lose the opportunity to secure employment. East Tennessee car wreck lawyer will help you gather enough evidence to support your claim and ensure the accident doesn’t turn your financial situation upside down. They’ll ensure that all the lost income and opportunities are accounted for as you decide the baseline for your settlement account. This improves your negotiation edge, makes crafting practical counter-offers easier, and ensures you don’t settle for lowball offers.

Property damage

Your vehicle and the contents therein may be damaged following a car crash. The repairs and replacement costs can come with a hefty financial burden, which the at-fault party should cover. Like pain and suffering, you may value the property damages, including non-economic factors. Since non-economic property damages are prohibited in East Tennessee, this can hurt your claim, hence the need to accurately value the claim. Car repairs and other property damages need to be keenly calculated and supported by solid evidence, which your lawyer will help you navigate. The property damage compensation aims to return you as close to normalcy as possible, emphasizing the need to be meticulous as you strive to secure maximum compensation.


A car crash can be traumatic. You could be entitled to emotional anguish compensation if you suffer anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress after the car crash. Emotional anguish could be serious to the extent that you may dread vehicles. This means you could lose income generation since getting around could become problematic. It is a tough and sensitive area to navigate, given that psychological issues are complex. Your car crash lawyer can help you decide if you should pursue the emotional anguish claim and the best strategy to facilitate a better outcome.

Car accidents have claimed many lives and left others physically and mentally incapacitated. You shouldn’t take it lightly, even when a crash seems minor with little health or financial implication. The at-fault party should be held responsible, which not only helps you secure compensation but also act as a way to deter negligence.

Proving fault to win your car wreck case and ensure you secure maximum compensation is no cakewalk, though. The good news is that you can easily secure reliable, professional services since most car wreck lawyers work on a contingency basis. It means you only pay after the lawyer secures the compensation, which removes financial worries.

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