Gratitude: A Core Value at Burnett Law

As we approach the end of another year in the beautiful town of Crossville, Tennessee, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the sense of community and shared values that make this place special. For over a quarter of a century (yes that’s right!) –  Burnett Law has not only been a steadfast legal representative for personal injury, car accidents, and social security disability cases but also a pillar of support and generosity in our community.

Photo caption: We delivered Christmas goodies to our legal community this week! Very fortunate to have these ladies on our team. Thanks to Jamie,  Emmalee, and my wife Jane for all they do for our clients and our community!!

Giving Back to Those Who Make Our Community

Our local law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to keeping us safe. To express our gratitude, Burnett Law has made it a tradition to donate to our local law enforcement offices. This gesture of appreciation is more than just a donation; it’s a recognition of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices made by these brave men and women. 


Additionally, Burnett Law is proud to grow with the United Fund of Cumberland County in which we help nourish the hungry, assist those confronting emergencies and disasters, those with brain conditions, survivors of adult and child domestic violence and sexual assault, and low-income families, the elderly and Cumberland County’s kids and youth.  Together, we make Crossville and the Greate Cumberland and better place to live and work.

Summer Ice Cream Stops: A Cool Treat for a Warm Community

Summer in Crossville is always a time of joy and togetherness, and what better way to celebrate it than with free ice cream? This Summer we hosted “Free Scoop Fridays” all summer long with The Scoop Ice Cream Truck and Burnett Law. With over 200 people in attendance, we can say this became a community favorite! These events are not just about enjoying a cool treat on a hot day; they’re about bringing people together, sharing stories, and creating memories.

Free Fair Fridays: Celebrating Community Spirit

The annual fair is a hallmark event in Crossville. Understanding the importance of these community gatherings, Burnett Law initiated Free Fair Fridays. And wow did we get blown away by the outpouring support and spirit of the community! Each Friday, anyone who bought lunch at Express Lunch were entered to win free fair armband tickets. 


We gave 10 away to families and indviduals. This initiative not only allows more people to partake in the fair’s festivities but also strengthens the bonds within our community – and gave Mike at Express Lunch someone to talk to on a Friday! 😀

Habitat for Humanity: Building Homes and Hearts

Every September, The Habitat for Humanity throws their Lunch on the Lawn Event. This year, Burnett Law rolled up their sleeves and cooked hibachi for the volunteers and community members. 


This event exemplifies the firm’s commitment to not just legal advocacy but also to building a stronger, more connected community. It’s about laying the foundation for new beginnings and showing that together, we can create positive change. Was the hibachi the highlight of the event? Maybe so. 

Christmas Craft Crawl: Spreading Holiday Cheer

The Christmas season in Crossville is magical, and Burnett Law adds to this magic through our first ever “Christmas Craft Crawl”. Giving away craft bags to kids not only brings smiles to their faces but also fosters creativity and family bonding. These moments of joy and laughter are what make the holiday season so special in our community. 

Check out our Facebook page for details on the Craft Crawl and all upcoming events! 

25 Years of Service: More Than Just Legal Representation


For over 25 years, Burnett Law has been an integral part of Crossville, representing not just clients but the community’s values and spirit. The firm’s involvement in these events and initiatives is a testament to their commitment to the people of Crossville. It’s about understanding that being a part of this community means supporting each other, celebrating together, and helping those in need.


As Burnett Law looks to the future, the firm does so with immense gratitude for the community of Crossville. It is this sense of gratitude that drives their continued involvement and support in local events and initiatives. They understand that a law office’s role extends beyond the courtroom and into the heart of the community.

In closing, we extend a heartfelt thank you to the people of Crossville. Your support, spirit, and camaraderie make all these events and initiatives meaningful. Burnett Law is proud to be a part of this community and looks forward to many more years of service, support, and shared moments of joy.

As we move forward, let us all carry the spirit of gratitude, not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. Together, we make Crossville a wonderful place to live, work, and grow. Here’s to a community that stands strong, united, and full of gratitude!

Happy Holidays, 

From Burnett Law

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