What the Process of Filing a Claim Entails & Why Hiring an Experienced Attorney Matters

Filing a Car Accident Claim in Tennessee

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Do you live in Putnam County where they are ranked 8th in overall crash rankings in the State of Tennessee, and average 451 injuries per year from auto accidents? Or do you live in Roane County where they are ranked 33rd in overall crash rankings in the State of Tennessee, and average 275 injuries per year from auto accidents? Or do you live in Cumberland County where they are ranked 47th in overall crash rankings in the State of Tennessee, and average 321 injuries per year from auto accidents? Or perhaps you live or work by a road construction zone, where statistically more car accidents happen.

 All good reasons to take notes! And as always, our attorneys are here to help. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your accident or personal injury claim. 

So you have been in a car wreck, what next? 

The claim process often starts with speaking to your car insurance and health insurance agents, but they often will have to talk to other parties. They may speak to those at fault, victims, or witnesses who were also involved in the car accident. They also may speak with professionals in the car industry like mechanics and professionals in the medical industry like doctors. 

All of these moving parts and people can make the claim process a headache and often takes… a lot of time. Sometimes this process can take longer than needed – especially when you want to get your life back on track. That is why hiring an experienced attorney can help you get to where you need and keep the claim process as smooth and efficient as possible. . 

How Long Will the Claim Process Take?

In the state of Tennessee, you have one year to file a claim for a car accident that involves any injuries. If there is property or vehicle damage involved, you have three years to file a settlement for the auto accident.

After you file your lawsuit, you can expect a settlement anywhere from several weeks up to a year after filing. However, if you are undergoing medical treatment from the car accident, you likely will not receive a settlement offer until your treatment is completed. 

How Much Does The Claim Process Cost?

Call us at Burnett Law, you do not have to pay anything to us up front. Rather, we work on a contingent basis to win your claim. If we win your claim, our service fee is then deducted. Overall, you pay no cost.

When it comes to Personal Injury Law, claims are often complex and nuanced. For example, you may be asking yourself, “what is my claim worth?” or “what is the value of my car wreck case?”

Challenges of Filing An Accident Claim 

The claim process can encounter a number of challenges:

  • There are so many moving parts with auto accident and injury claims. For example, you may have to contact medical, coordinate with Medicare, and negotiate with your health insurance. 
  • Overall, the difficulty of the negotiation process with insurance adjusters and providers can be a lot of work to deal with. 
  • With all the communication regarding the negotiation process, who to give money to, who to contact, and finding out what paperwork is needed – the list goes on – it is easy to make a mistake handling this on your own or without the right experienced attorney by your side. 

Worry not, because Burnett Law knows how to work with your injury, medical components, and your Insurance. Burnett Law knows how to negotiate with these parties in such complex situations in order to get your claim filed and completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Burnett Law: Where you can find the experience you need for your claim process. 

Why Choose Burnett Law to Handle Your Claim? 

When it comes to processing car accident claims, Burnett Law has the claim process down to a science. Burnett Law has mastered the claim process by making it more efficient, and therefore less of a hassle for you and your loved ones. The way Burnett Law Firm handles and manages car accident claims is a huge advantage to your claim. 

At the end of your claim, Burnett Law will provide you with a settlement statement, showing where every penny of your claim went, including to whom, for what, and to what organization. This is something that makes Burnett Law stand out from other firms. Burnett Law diligently works to keep your claim as organized, clean, and efficient as possible— for all parties involved. 

Have you or a loved one suffered any injuries from a car accident? Have you gone to the emergency room or visited any doctors or medical specialists due to the auto accident? 

Did you or the other automobile have insurance at the time of the incident? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it can be crucial you speak with an experienced attorney at Burnett Law today. 

It doesn’t have to be a pain for you. Burnett Law is truly here to support you and fight in your corner. We offer free consultation with a licensed attorney, please give us a call. 

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