Construction Zones See Rise in Accidents Reported

Crash in construction zone

Work zones are common across much of Tennessee as communities continue to grow and more motorists travel the same roads. We are growing by 200 people per day and East Tennessee is no different!  Despite efforts by TDOT to reduce the number of work zone crashes, research shows that an increasing number of crashes, injuries,…

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Recent Victories: Social Security Disability Cases Triumph in Tennessee

In the realm of Social Security Disability (SSD) cases, success stories are beacons of hope for individuals facing the challenging process of obtaining the benefits they deserve. Tennessee has seen its fair share of complex SSD cases, where dedicated attorneys have navigated intricate legal landscapes to secure victories for their clients. In this blog, we’ll…

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Navigating Social Security Disability in Tennessee: Laws, Guidelines, and the Importance of Legal Assistance

A photo of a person typing on a laptop in front of someone filling out a form. And a written text of "social security disability laws and regulations".

When facing the challenging prospect of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Tennessee, it’s crucial to understand the laws, restrictions, and guidelines that govern the process. Navigating the intricate SSD system requires comprehensive knowledge and attention to detail. This blog will delve into the laws and regulations that shape the SSD process in…

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Burnett Law: Where Experience Meets Empathy

In the realm of legal practice, experience and empathy are two qualities that can make all the difference in the lives of clients. At Burnett Law, these attributes define who we are and how we approach every case. Led by the seasoned attorney, Philip Burnett, our firm has been a pillar of support for individuals…

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What Laws Govern Trucking Accidents in Tennessee?

Trucking accidents are among the most devastating incidents on our roads. A commercial truck’s sheer size and weight can lead to catastrophic consequences when accidents occur.  In Tennessee, specific laws and regulations govern the trucking industry and ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles.   Table of Contents According to data from the state’s Department of Safety…

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What To Do If You Witness A Trucking Accident In Tennessee?

A photo of a trailer truck crashed to the ground and a written text of "Steps To Take After You Witness A Trucking Accident​"

Accidents involving large commercial trucks can be devastating, leading to serious injuries and even fatalities. From rollovers to collisions, we have seen a growing number of trucking accidents in the Cumberland. We want to make sure you are both aware and prepared. If you do witness a trucking accident in Tennessee, knowing how to respond…

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What Type of Injuries Do Social Security Consider?

A person signing a document and a written text of eligibility for social security disability.

In situations where an illness or injury severely impacts your work capabilities, you could qualify for benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The Social Security Administration maintains an extensive list of health conditions that could potentially be deemed disabilities, contingent on their severity. Any applicant seeking SSDI must show substantial medical evidence demonstrating the…

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