Construction Zones See Rise in Accidents Reported

Work zones are common across much of Tennessee as communities continue to grow and more motorists travel the same roads. We are growing by 200 people per day and East Tennessee is no different! 

Despite efforts by TDOT to reduce the number of work zone crashes, research shows that an increasing number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities are taking place in construction zones across the state. According to WREG, more than 14,000 crashes took place in Tennessee from 2018-2022 (5-year period).

Construction zone crash statistics

Of the 14,082 construction zone car crashes that took place over this five-year period, 83 deaths and 5,464 injuries resulted. In 2018 alone, there were 13 fatalities in Tennessee work zones and another 183 serious injuries. Between the beginning of 2019 and the end of September that same year, Tennessee’s construction zones saw 501 car wrecks and seven fatalities. An the numbers are only increasing each year. This may be due partly to the increase in residents, in construction, and in tourism in general. But the bottom line is that work zone crashes are preveleant whether in metro or rural areas.

Work zone crash hazards

Work zones frequently experience a heightened occurrence of car accidents, often resulting in injuries or fatalities. These incidents can be attributed to various factors, some directly related to the construction process. For instance, accidents may arise due to unclear detours, the presence of loose gravel, or visual obstructions caused by signage or construction vehicles. 

In other instances, reckless behaviors such as speeding, inattentiveness, or tailgating by motorists contribute significantly to work zone collisions. It’s worth noting that a significant portion of work zone accidents involve alcohol impairment. Among these incidents, rear-end collisions tend to be prevalent. To address these concerns, Tennessee transportation authorities are actively engaged in raising awareness and implementing safety measures within the state’s work zones. Nevertheless, it is imperative for drivers to exercise the utmost vigilance when navigating these areas to minimize the risk of becoming involved in a work zone accident.

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