Recent Victories: Social Security Disability Cases Triumph in Tennessee

In the realm of Social Security Disability (SSD) cases, success stories are beacons of hope for individuals facing the challenging process of obtaining the benefits they deserve. Tennessee has seen its fair share of complex SSD cases, where dedicated attorneys have navigated intricate legal landscapes to secure victories for their clients. In this blog, we’ll explore recent cases where Burnett Law won SSD benefits in Tennessee, shedding light on the complexities and challenges each case presented. Note, that client names have been changed to respect their privacy. And remember, you do not have to go through this process alone! Give us a call for an experience and compassionate East Tennessee social security attorney.

Case 1: Overcoming the Maze of Medical Documentation

Client: Sarah T.


Sarah T. had been a dedicated nurse for over two decades when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Her once-thriving career came to a screeching halt as her condition deteriorated. Applying for SSD benefits was her only option for financial stability, but she faced a daunting challenge: the SSA required comprehensive medical documentation to prove the severity of her disability and whether or not she would be approved for benefits.


Sarah’s case was complicated due to the ever-fluctuating nature of MS. The symptoms could come and go, making it challenging to demonstrate consistent disability, one of the criteria for Social Security Disability in the State of Tennessee. Our Crossville attorney, however, recognized the importance of meticulous documentation. We worked closely with Sarah’s medical team to compile a detailed record of her condition, tracking symptom flare-ups and their impact on her daily life. This proved to be crucial in Sarah’s case. 

Additionally, we ensured that Sarah’s application included expert opinions and narratives from her healthcare providers, highlighting the unpredictable nature of MS and its debilitating effects. Our expert team of attorneys then meticulously organized the medical evidence to provide a clear picture of Sarah’s struggle.

Attorney conference table with legal documents everywhere showing a mess preparing for a disability case


After an arduous process, Sarah’s SSD application was approved. The diligence done by Burnett Law played a pivotal role in her success. This victory not only provided her with the financial support she needed but also offered hope to others facing similar challenges with fluctuating disabilities. This was a resounding win in Crossville!

Case 2: Unearthing Hidden Disabilities

Client: John M.


John M., a skilled electrician in Knoxville, had always prided himself on his independence and ability to support his family. However, a traumatic workplace accident left him with a severe spinal cord injury, resulting in partial paralysis. His initial SSD application was denied, as the SSA believed he could still perform some types of work at other locations in Knoxville. This initial denial is something we see often at Burnett Law. And although we rather guide you through the Social Security Disability process from the very beginning, we can help you in the denial and appeal process


John’s case required a comprehensive evaluation of his medical records, vocational history, and the specific demands of his occupation as an electrician. The attorneys at Burnett Law recognized that the true extent of his disability was hidden beneath the surface, as John’s physical limitations were not immediately apparent. This was what we had to relay to the Social Security office with finesse.

To address this challenge, we collaborated with vocational experts and medical specialists to paint a vivid picture of the limitations he faced. They conducted vocational assessments to demonstrate that John could no longer perform the substantial gainful activity required for his previous job or any other occupation given his limitations.


Thanks to the tireless efforts of Burnett Law and the compelling evidence presented, John’s SSD application was approved on appeal. The victory not only provided him with the financial support he needed but also affirmed the principle that hidden disabilities should not be underestimated or overlooked by the SSA. This was one of our proudest moments at Burnett Law. We are here to fight for you in your corner.

Case 3: Navigating the Maze of Mental Health Disability

Client: Emily R.


Emily R. had always been a vibrant, outgoing woman, but her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. These mental health conditions had a profound impact on her ability to work, but navigating the SSD process for mental health disabilities can be particularly complex in the state of Tennessee due to the subjective nature of these conditions.


Our experienced SSD attorneys recognized that the success of Emily’s case hinged on providing the SSA with a comprehensive understanding of the debilitating effects of her mental health conditions. What we did was enlist the expertise of Tennessee mental health professionals to conduct thorough evaluations and assessments.

Moreover, our attorneys ensured that her application included detailed personal narratives, testimonials from friends and family, and records of hospitalizations and treatments. This multi-faceted approach aimed to demonstrate the severity of her mental health challenges and the significant limitations they imposed on her daily life.


Emily’s SSD application faced initial hurdles, but we persisted and the comprehensive approach paid off. On appeal, her application was approved, recognizing the profound impact of mental health conditions on one’s ability to work and function in society. This victory not only provided Emily with the financial support she needed but also underscored the importance of recognizing mental health disabilities within the SSD system.


These recent SSD victories in Tennessee exemplify the dedication and expertise of our attorneys at Burnett Law – who champion the rights of individuals facing significant challenges. Each case presents unique complexities, from fluctuating disabilities to hidden impairments and mental health conditions. These triumphs offer hope to countless others navigating the SSD process, highlighting the importance of seeking legal assistance from specialized attorneys who can navigate the intricate legal landscapes and secure the benefits individuals rightfully deserve. While SSD cases can be daunting, these success stories remind us that with the right advocacy and perseverance, individuals can triumph over adversity and secure the financial support they need. 


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