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As of 2019, of every 1,000 Tennesseans, 700 were licensed drivers. The statistics vividly show the heavy reliance on road transport in Tennessee. It also shows why car accidents are prevalent despite awareness of the potentially devastating consequences of the incidents. Drivers don’t intentionally crash cars, but it doesn’t mean auto accidents don’t always indicate negligence in one or more parties involved. Therefore, if you or your loved one is involved in a car crash in East Tennessee, you should protect your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation. A free car accident attorney consultation is an excellent starting point as you strive to ensure you realize a favorable outcome.

Car wreck incidences might seem straightforward. Given the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may feel like you can easily file a claim and receive fair compensation within a short period. Nonetheless, as many realize, the process entails more than meets the eye, which means you are likely to receive a low settlement, not to mention that your claim could be denied. So, how can you maximize car accident settlement? Here are the top tips to set you on the right track.

Gather evidence

Unless you were in a devastating accident or hit and run, the incident usually is followed by exchanging details with the other party. Besides this, you should gather more evidence, which is more manageable now that we all have amazing mobile devices. You can use a smartphone to take detailed photos of the incident, talk to witnesses and get their contact details. Some can even allow you to record the conversation if you ask politely. If a police officer is present, ask for a copy of their report too. Detailed evidence helps you build a solid claim, which limits the chances of denial while improving the settlement you can successfully get.

Get medical attention

Car accidents don’t always result in an apparent personal injury, at least not how you see or feel. This doesn’t mean you should go about your day as usual just because you feel fine. Immediate medical attention is critical since you may have suffered injuries that could worsen if you don’t get prompt intervention and treatment. A doctor will thoroughly examine you and uncover hidden injuries like a concussion, whiplash, or internal bleeding that could take longer to manifest. Such thoroughness improves your overall health.

Besides your health, immediate medical care ensures that you have medical records to support your claim. Remember to follow your doctor’s guidelines, including taking prescription medication, attending physical therapy sessions, and follow-up appointments. Such commitment shows you are doing your best to recover, which can help improve your winning chances if the claim goes to a court trial. It also enriches your claim with more medical records and details showcasing the extent of the personal injury suffered and their financial implications, including lost wages and other losses like pain and suffering. Remember to preserve all the bills and receipts related to the accident. Also, maintain a journal to ensure you don’t forget any event that could support your claim.

Notify your insurance company

Reporting the car accident incidence to your insurance company as soon as possible is essential. While reporting, be honest and provide all the details as accurately as possible. Nonetheless, ensure you don’t make speculative statements or admit fault. Insurance companies always undertake a thorough investigation, and the last thing you want is to provide them with information they can use against you. The other party’s insurance company is also likely to contact you. The agent might seem concerned about your situation, but don’t let it get to you. Keep your guard up and limit the conversation, especially if your car wreck lawyer isn’t present.

Hire a car wreck lawyer

How knowledgeable are you with the car accident settlement process in Cookeville? Did you know there is a statute of limitation for all personal injury claims, including car accidents, which is one year after the incident date? Legal complexities can get the better of you, emphasizing the need to enlist a car accident attorney.

An experienced car wreck attorney has in-depth knowledge of all the processes, which will help you avoid common pitfalls that could result in a low settlement or claim denial. Attorneys know you don’t just want to be compensated but need maximum compensation. They’ll thoroughly investigate the incident, including working with professionals like scene reconstruction experts. The car wreck lawyer will ensure that your settlement claim is backed by solid evidence, which helps maximize the settlement.

Understand the damages

You may only be thinking about medical expenses, but the settlement covers much more. Your car accident lawyer in Crossville will help you identify all the damages. This may include lost wages, property damage, future medical and/or rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering. Accounting for all the damages ensures you arrive at a comprehensive and fair figure of how much you’ll claim. This makes the negotiations favorable since you’ll have a minimum acceptable settlement and an experienced lawyer fighting for your interest. There could even be more than one policy you can collect from, which your lawyer will establish and ensure you pursue all the responsible parties for maximum settlement.

Take your time

Insurance companies want to settle claims fast. However, don’t assume they have your best interests in mind. They want to minimize the costs and trick you into accepting a low-ball offer. They could employ elusive techniques to frustrate and force your hand if you don’t accept the low-ball settlement offer. It’s another reason you need to enlist an experienced Cumberland Region car wreck lawyer. The lawyers know all the tricks insurance companies can employ and the loopholes they could exploit. Leaving such matters in your lawyer’s hands ensures that you don’t quickly settle for an unfair amount. They’ll negotiate, make solid counter-offers, and handle all the back-and-forth to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Prepare for trial

Most Fairfield Glades car accident claims are settled out of court. You may be able to find an amicable agreement, but this might have been after trying other approaches like arbitration or mediation. If it all fails, your claim is not doomed; a court trial could be the answer. A court trial can be overwhelming, but your lawyer guides you through every step. They’ll objectively present your case to the judge or jury and seek a favorable verdict and maximum compensation.

Car accident cases in Putnam County are common, but you shouldn’t take it lightly. The incidences can cause a significant emotional scar and a huge financial burden. This emphasizes the need to take the proper steps to protect your rights, hold the negligent party responsible, and receive maximum compensation. Don’t hesitate to contact Burnett Law today for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

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