How Personal Injury Cases Are Settled

Have you been injured in a car accident? Do you think you deserve some type of compensation or settlement from the other parties in the car accident? Do you know where to begin? Here is a start. 

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  1. An Attorney Can Estimate How Much You Are Owed for Your Case
  2. An Attorney Can Negotiate for You
  3. An Attorney Can Build a Strong Case for You
  4. Why Burnett Law
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At Burnett Law in Crossville, Tennessee, we know how complex personal injury cases can be, and that is why our firm has it down to a science with knowing who needs to be called and what needs to be done. Personal accident and injury cases are often made up of so many moving parts. For example: negotiating with car insurances, negotiating with health insurances, contacting medical centers, dealing with Medicare, and knowing who to give money to and what paperwork is needed—just to name a few. Sometimes there is so much money spent in simply communicating with these providers. But Burnett Law has made the process more efficient and therefore less of a hassle for our clients. With all the communication and negotiation it is easy to make a mistake which is why the way Burnett Law handles and manages car accident and personal injury claims is a huge advantage to your case. 

So how does an attorney help settle a personal injury case? Here are a few advantages an attorney can bring to your case: 

An Attorney Can Estimate How Much You Are Owed for Your Case

To start you will need to know how much you are suing for. You might not know how much you have actually suffered in damages. You may know how much loss in wages you are missing or how much your medical bills are. But do you know how much future medical bills you may have? Or do you know how much pain and suffering you have endured? Here are a few ways an attorney is able to calculate to achieve a fair estimate for your settlement: 

  • Consult with professional experts.

An attorney will often communicate with professional experts in the medical fields for estimates on medical treatments, and an attorney will often communicate with economists to ensure a fair projection of costs you may or may have incurred. 

  • Calculate your estimate.

An attorney will often complete calculations in order to add your bills, invoices, and any damages you may have incurred otherwise.

  • Compare estimates from other cases. 

Most importantly, an attorney can compare your estimate to other settlements from their experience to ensure you are receiving a fair amount. 

  • Estimate your fault amounts. 

Because Tennessee is a fault-state, an attorney will want to ensure you are within percentages that do not bar you from recovery

  • Review records.

An attorney will want to review many of your records like medical, employment, and insurance in order to ensure you are receiving the fullest settlement you can. 

An Attorney Can Negotiate for You

The negotiation process alone can be a daunting one. However, an attorney with experience in negotiating with insurance providers and adjusters can go a long way. Insurance companies may not have your best interest in mind, so having an attorney who can negotiate directly with them can protect you and your interests. 

An Attorney Can Build a Strong Case for You

An attorney should have your best interest in mind. In doing so, an attorney will investigate and build your case with evidence to prove you should be compensated. Some information an attorney may use to build you case is:

  • A police report from the accident
  • Statements from witnesses or other parties 
  • Statements from professional experts
  • Your bills from your injuries and any ongoing treatment 
  • Your medical records and any supplemental information from a doctor
  • Photos from the scene of the car accident

Why Burnett Law

Burnett Law has the legal expertise your case may need and benefit from. Burnett Law serves clients in Cookville, Crossville, the Cumberland Region, Roane, Fairfield Glades, and East Tennessee. A few reasons why Burnett Law stands out are: 

  • Burnett Law works on a contingency basis, so you do not have to pay anything before your settlement comes in.
  • Partners, Attorney Philip Burnett and Attorney Jeffrey Vires, have a combined six decades of practice in car accident and personal injury cases.
  • Burnett Law gives clients a complete set of legal services from start to finish. We will start by consulting, gathering information, filing your claim, negotiating your settlement, and we will file a lawsuit as needed. 
  • Our diligence in keeping your claim as organized, clean, and efficient as possible for all parties involved. At the end of your claim, we provide you with a settlement statement, showing where every cent of your claim went, including to whom, for what, and to what organization. This is something that makes us stand out from the other firms. 

Settling your personal injury case does not have to be a pain; we are truly here to support you and fight in your corner. Talk to Burnett Law, we’re here to help you no matter the complexity of your personal injury case. Contact Burnett Law today for a free consultation for your case at: (931) 484-7549. Find out more information at:

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