Van Buren County stretches along the Cumberland Plateau’s western edge, and into the Highland Rim, with deep gorges cut into the sandstone bluffs by the Caney Fork River.

About 5,800 people live in Van Buren County, making it the second smallest county in Tennessee by population.

Its unique geography includes Fall Creek Falls and the 29,000-acre state park of the same name. At 256 feet, Fall Creek Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States and draws thousands of visitors each year.

The park serves as the basis of the tourism industry in the county. Van Buren and its county seat of Spencer also feature manufacturing industries, crop and animal production, and transportation and warehousing businesses. Hwy. 111 cuts through the county, providing easy access to Chattanooga or Interstate 40.


The county reported 96 crashes in 2020, with 20 motor vehicle accidents resulting in injuries. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, four crashes were due to speeding motorists, while one wreck involved alcohol impairment.

Motor vehicle injuries can change your life. You may face mounting medical bills and lost wages from missing work. A traffic accident can impact your quality of life for years to come.

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