Dayton, the county seat of Rhea County, achieved national attention in the famed Scopes Trial in 1925. Today, the courthouse where John Scopes stood trial for teaching evolution welcomes hundreds of visitors each year.

But Rhea County’s history goes beyond that one event.

The Rhea County Spartans, the only female cavalry unit in the Civil War, operated from Rhea County, delivering care packages to Confederate soldiers.

Cherokee Removal Park at Blythe Ferry in Rhea County serves as a monument to the Cherokee people removed from their homes and forced westward on the Trail of Tears.

About 33,000 people live in Rhea County today. The county boasts of its recreational opportunities on Watts Bar Lake and nearby natural areas. The county has recently announced investments by La-Z-Boy and Nokian Tyres in Rhea County industries.


The community continues to grow thanks to improved highways offering easy access to surrounding communities, with an average commute of 23.2 minutes.

Rhea County reported 618 motor vehicle accidents in 2020, including three fatal accidents and 127 car crashes with injuries. The Tennessee Department of Safety reports speeding was a factor in 15 motor vehicle crashes, while alcohol impairment played a role in 19 car crashes.

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