Cumberland County

More than 60,000 people call Cumberland County home.

Crossville serves as the county seat, with the incorporated towns of Crab Orchard to the east and Pleasant Hill to the west. Cumberland County also draws new residents from across the country with multiple retirement and resort communities. The U.S. Census reports about 31% of the county's population is over the age of 65.

The county has about 24,000 people in its labor force, most working close to home, with an average commute time of only 22.9 minutes.

Cumberland County covers more than 650 square miles atop the Cumberland Plateau. More than 1,000 miles of state and local roads help residents get where they need to be.

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Interstate 40 bisects Cumberland County, offering a fast and direct route to the east and west, with 455 miles of highway through Tennessee. It's often busy with passenger cars and large trucks hauling freight. This busy highway saw more than 500 fatal crashes from 2006-2015, earning it a listing among the country's most dangerous highways.

However, hundreds of people are injured in car accidents each year in Cumberland County. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, there were 307 crashes with injuries in 2020. Sadly, 20 people lost their lives on Cumberland County's roadways that year. The county ranked ninth in the state for number of crashes caused by speeding, with 116 motor vehicle accidents in 2020.
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