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A photo of a person with a personal injury in right hand, signing a paper.

The Personal Injury Claims Process in Tennessee

You've been injured; what's next? Personal injuries can be overwhelming, and you must protect your rights and ensure you receive ...
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A photo of a man in a formal suit shaking hands above a gavel. And a written text "Need a personal injury lawyer?".

Is Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Worth It?

Filing a personal injury claim; did you just frown? A personal injury can turn your life inside out, especially considering ...
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a photo a man standing beside a two cars that collide while holding a pen and writing in a paper

What the Process of Filing a Claim Entails & Why Hiring an Experienced Attorney Matters

Filing a Car Accident Claim in Tennessee Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Do you live ...
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Professional legal team in small office Crossville Tennessee

About the Team at Burnett Law

Community Values Here at Burnett Law, we were built on the values of community. We are established and practiced in ...
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